Ed Snyder's Samurai

3/11/2007 - Ed Snyder: These MudBuster fender flares are the best I've seen. They look sharp and were very easy to install.

Izook Photo #1

2/3/2007 - Bill Johnston of Izook.com in his Feb 07 article "Wrenchin' with Izook" reports:
"These fenders really showed their strength, quality and good looks."

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Izook Photo #2

"we tried to get it dirty... not much luck though - the fenders did their job well and didn't let much touch the body".

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Izook Photo #3

"Here you can see what they look like with a 33/12.50/15 Swamper. Still enough fender (almost another inch!) to keep the tickets away"**.

**Tire coverage varies with tire size, rim width and rim backset. West Coast Inventors and Izook make no warranty against tickets when using MudBusters.

Camo Samurai with MudBusters

1/11/2007 - Bill H. from Langley WA writes:
"you have a good product.....The B()$#^@(&ers I had bought and never installed are now on Ebay....I couldn't bring myself to destroy good sheet metal to install them!!! Yours I like better and they don't make it look like a Tonka Toy"

1/26/2007 - Bill H. later writes:
"I just sent you another customer.....He bought my unused set of
B()$#^@(&ers , now he's selling them and going to yours too! (that says a lot for your product)"

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