The MudBusters Advantage

1.   Fits the following Suzuki manufactured vehicles worldwide *

  Suzuki Samurai 1986 & up

  Suzuki Sierra 1988 & up

  Holden Drover 1985 1987

  Maruti Gypsy

  Suzuki SJ30

  Suzuki Santana

  Suzuki Potohar

  Suzuki Katana

Suzuki Caribbean

Chevrolet Samurai

* While the above models are all reported to be the same as the North American Samurai, not all have been fit tested. To determine if your model is the same, see the photos of factory brackets required for MudBusters at the end of this section.

2.   Saves your fenders from brutality!

  MudBusters require NO sheet metal butchering.

  Other products make you drill dozens of holes in your fenders and hack off your brackets weakening the structural integrity forever!

3. MudBusters are an engineered solution!

  Mount them right on the Factory Bracket

  Attach them with our improved hook-on tabs & plastic rivets.

4. High Impact Polymer Design

  Takes a beating and bounces back.

  UV Stabilized for years of service in the sun.


5. Maintains the Factory Look.

  Designed to fit the fender contours perfectly.

  Matches the look of the original factory flares.

  Say NO to Jeep flares!

6. Provides legal coverage on most large tires.

7. Preview the easy installation instructions at our home page.

8. Fit Guide

If your bracket looks like any of these then our flares will usually fit your vehicle.

Your brackets should have holes like these.


Rear Fender View

Tabs Tuck Here







Later Model Front Fender

Tabs Tuck Here



Older Front Fender

Tabs Tuck Here





9. Warranty: Defective product will be replaced at no charge to the customer. Plastic parts can occasionally warp in the box but will usually get their shape back shortly. For warranty issues, Do Not contact the retailer you purchased your flares from. Instead, please send an email to State your problem and wait for a response with an RMA # before returning any product. Items returned without an RMA # will be refused. Thank you for your business and enjoy your MudBusters!